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"After working with Dr. Nick, I began to see hope"

I have been under Dr. Nick Hyde's care since the beginning of his practice.

At 37, there were certain minor ailments and physical limitations I had accepted as normal.

I had carpal tunnel that frequently bothered me, a pain in one ovary after ovulation and a knee and hip challenge that limited my ability to run.

I am a very active person and my physical well-being is essential to my life.

I felt these concerns were part of getting older and couldn't be fixed.


After working with Dr. Nick, I began to see hope in all these concerns. He took the time to listen with care and concern. In addition to adjusting me, he offered ideas and exercises to aid in my healing. I have no more chronic carpel tunnel pain and I haven't felt the pain in my ovary in over a year.


He continues to work with me to strengthen my knee and hip challenges so I can continue my running practice. In addition to all these major concerns, he had adjusted me for common tightness, or just feeling unaligned, with success each time.

The thing I most value is that he takes a holistic approach to his treatments;

he works on all levels of the body, inside and out.

I now feel better than I have in years. I appreciate that I have a doctor to guide me through my pursuit of physical wellness, as well as the internal fluctuations that often cause physical challenges.

Dr. Nick is a gifted, compassionate, attentive and wise healer.

-Alexis, Santa Cruz, CA

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