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Developmental Disorders and Food Sensitivities

Does your child with ADHD, dyslexia, ODD, autism or any other developmental disorder have a food sensitivity contributing to his or her behavior?

Developmental disorders often go hand in hand with food sensitivities. In fact, more than 85% of kids with developmental disorders have food sensitivities contributing to their behavior. Both are consequences of a right brain imbalance.

Different parts of the brain help control and regulate the immune system. When these parts of the brain are under developed, the immune response isn't regulated and it's easy for food sensitivities to occur. Food sensitivities then over time can create chronic inflammation which reeks havoc in the brain causing a vicious cycle...


Symptoms of Food Sensitivities:

  • fatigue

  • difficulty focusing

  • aggressive behavior

  • bedwetting

  • impulsivity

  • hyperactive behavior

  • chronic allergy symptoms- runny, itchy, stuffy nose

  • irritability and meltdowns

  • headaches

  • puffy or dark circles under eyes

  • learning disabilities

  • mental sluggishness

  • pain or soreness in extremities, especially legs

  • pale complexion

  • frequent bad dreams or awakens frequently while sleeping


It's very probable that the food your child craves is the food he or she is sensitive too. Often times that food contains dairy or gluten like mac'n'cheese, pizza, bread, cereal, pasta, etc...

Food sensitivities and food allergies are VERY different. Food allergies cause someone to react immediately after consuming. Food sensitivities, on the other hand, can take up to 3 days to notice any sort of symptom, making it practically impossible to figure out what food caused it without testing.

Getting tested for food sensitivities and balancing out the brain so the immune system functions properly effectively address these symptoms and can get your child functioning optimally. Give us a call to find out more details!

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