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Virtual and In Person Mind Body Medicine

Heal, Progress and Grow in Life Right Now

By the time people have come to Dr. Hyde they have been to many health care professionals and have tried all of the popular ways of fixing their problem, only to find minimal or short-term results. Dr. Hyde focuses on multiple healing strategies that have been tried and tested from around the world in order to heal you and teach you how to heal for life.

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Chronic Pain

Is pain stopping you from doing the activities that bring you joy?

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Is your emotional state controlling your life? Are you ready to move beyond your emotional stress and start living life on your own two feet?

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Chronic Illness

Are you worried that your illness is just going to get worse over time?

What you can expect...

Healing Strategies

We are known for putting people’s bodies into “Healing Mode”, where every aspect of your body and life can finally begin to heal and recover.

Nervous System Diagnosis

We take the guesswork out of what is happening in your body by using Applied Kinesiology which is an advanced neurological tool to find out what is really happening in your body right now.

Emotional Stress Processing

Our clients can expect to not only heal their bodies but process all of the stuck emotions from their past and enjoy life again.


Join thousands of people from multiple countries who have benefited from Dr. Hyde's care

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Well Being Center

In person healing sessions at the Well Being Center

Self Healers Academy with Dr. Nicholas Hyde

Self Healers Academy

Online video portal and virtual healing sessions

Concierge Services with Dr Nicholas Hyde

Concierge Services

Workshops and healing sessions brought to you

Dr. Nicholas Hyde from Well Being Center in Santa Cruz

About Dr. Nicholas Hyde

Early on in marriage, my wife and I found ourselves in a heap of trouble. I was having neurological trouble due to multiple head injuries after playing serious amounts of sports including collegiate rugby, and my wife was having debilitating abdominal pain that exploratory surgery could not even explain.


After many different doctor’s visits from many different clinics we found out that we were no further along in our healing and more alone than ever.


If I knew then what I know now, healing would have taken months not years and way, WAY less money.


One thing I discovered that made all the difference was a principle – prioritize healing the whole body over trying to fix any one part. When we take the big picture approach to healing your whole body (and sometimes your whole life) we can make effortless progress that is permanent. 

"His holistic approach, gifted hands, and great abilities to bring healing make him a great doctor."


"He works on all levels of the body, inside and out. Dr. Nick is a gifted, compassionate, attentive and wise healer."


"Dr. Nick is a widely talented healer who cares deeply about the people he treats."


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