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The Well Being Center

Santa Cruz's Number One Spot for Mind Body Medicine

Finally get ANSWERS to your chronic issues

Well Being Center Aptos with Dr. Nicholas Hyde

The Well Being Center is a 25 year old practice located in the heart of Santa Cruz County. 

Well Being Center in Aptos with Dr. Nicholas Hyde

Due to the growing success of the original owners, Drs. John and Christina Amaral, the clinic was passed on eventually to Dr. Nicholas Hyde. Dr. John Amaral was featured on a Netflix special about energy healing. His legacy of providing high quality, gentle structural care while also focusing on the best energy medicine available today has been carried on through Dr. Nicholas.


Dr. Nicholas is an expert in myofascial therapies as well as acupressure. He has practiced functional medicine for years and uses nutrition, herbs, and supplements when needed.

If you are interested in Dr. Nicholas’s specific techniques and would like to learn more about what he does, below is a list of the techniques that the doctor specializes in.





Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique

Sacro Occipital


The Emergence






Network Spinal


Functional Medicine

(as taught by Datis Kharrazian)

Quantum Spinal



Health Care

Neuro Emotional Technique

Emotional Freedom


The Letting Go Process by David Hawkins

Session Offerings

Not local?

Explore Dr. Nicholas Hyde's Virtual Offerings

New Patient

This is the most important session where Dr. Nick gets to the nuts and bolts of your case. After a thorough history and exam you will receive treatment and begin the healing phase of your journey.

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60 Minute

This session is as comprehensive as they come, including thorough body work, neuro reprogramming, energy work, emotional techniques and nutritional testing if necessary. This is for people who love to go deep and Dr. Nick’s preferred session for people who are just starting out with care.

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30 Minute

This session is for people who have been under care, want to maintain their progress and go a little deeper. This is a comprehensive treatment session. Generally this appointment is more focused on body work and energy work.

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