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Concierge Services

Workshops and healing sessions brought to you

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House Calls

Dr. Nicholas likes to keep things old fashioned and house calls have been a staple since the very beginning of healthcare.


Generally speaking, this is reserved for people who are unable to get out of their house (for various reasons), large groups or organizations that want to hire the doc for the day, or large animals that are difficult to transport.


For further questions or scheduling please contact the office.


Dr. Nicholas has done workshops for organizations, schools, and health/spiritual retreats. This is always a lot of fun! He has done workshops internationally and is willing to participate and coordinate for your event.


If you would like to hire Dr. Nicholas, please see the contact page and send a message with the details of your event.


Dr. Nicholas will come to you! This is perfect for high performance individuals before an event (sports, concerts, meetings, film, etc.) or a group of people who want to experience the work.


Dr. Nicholas has traveled to multiple countries to work on people and has several communities of people that will hire him for a weekend. If this is something that interests you, please contact the office for more details.

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