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House Call Chiropractor

It was an unseasonably warm day in early spring and I was excited for my big move...

Maybe I had watched too many romantic movies like Under the Tuscan Sun and A Good Year, (which if you have never seen go do yourself a favor...) and my wife and I were set to move to Italy. Like Diane Lane and Russell Crowe’s characters we were expecting to be charmed and wooed by the beautiful country and culture. I had just gotten a great job offer to partner with a doctor in Italy with an option to buy him out after several years. It was an exciting time. But that is exactly when I got the news that Italy, as well as most of the world, was shutting down for the foreseeable future... The year was 2020.

Not knowing when I would have an opportunity to move I realized that I needed to make money but I had already gotten rid of a rental space deal. I had no idea how long this situation would be but I had no intention of locking myself into a long lease so that left me with one quick calls. 

I called up friends and family, old patients and any one else I could think of to offer my services. What I didn’t know at the time was this–I was going to fall in love with being a house call chiropractor. First of all I love how informal chiropractor home visits are. Immediately it feels like I am treating friends and family and not strangers. Some of my best memories of my career have been working on the people I love in their home settings. I also realized how useful it is clinically.

When I do a chiropractor house call I get to see inside someone’s life including their environment and family/friend dynamics. When a person comes into my office I am limited by only hearing the things that they think are important but sometimes I don’t see the real picture. I like going into someone's home and seeing their “vibe” as well as many other clues related to their health. I am not just a chiropractor but I see myself as a mind body practitioner and work holistically.

A simple example of this is one time a client asked about their dog and I was checking on some reasons why their dog was unwell. Very quickly I noticed that their dog bowl was just beneath a stack of smart meters. I didn’t know that there could be so many smart meters in one house and the owner remarked that it was for her whole block.

That is a lot of EMF radiation for a little dog...

So we moved the dog bowl somewhere else and the issues cleared up.

Another time I was working on a client who had a special needs adult child who was living with them. It is one thing to hear that and another to witness it. Their autistic child needed 24/7 attention. We were able to focus on healing the stress of that situation as well as problem solving. I also got to start caring for the child and he stopped having seizures which made the parent very grateful.

That brings me to my next reason to love chiropractor home visits. Usually I can see up to four people an hour so it is great for families. I have also treated entourages, people at a retreat, summer campers, religious groups, men’s and women’s groups, sports teams, school staff, and businesses. I've had multiple occasions where a group has had me teach about healing and health and then treat the whole group afterwards. It is a dream to be a part of team building activities, self help seminars, and other events where I get to teach and treat.

That is all I have ever wanted to do anyways.

I never knew that I would enjoy being a house call chiropractor so much. It came by accident just like many good things do in life. 


Email me at or call (831) 515-6041 to schedule a time for me to come to you.

I also routinely go outside of Santa Cruz county so let me know if I can help you in Los Gatos, Monterey, Carmel, and the surrounding areas, including:

Santa Cruz, Scotts Valley, Ben Lomond, Felton, Soquel, Aptos, Capitola, Seascape, La Selva, Watsonville, Corralitos, Aromas, Prunedale, Seaside, Marina, Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Carmel Valley, Big Sur, Los Gatos, Campbell, Saratoga, Cupertino, Sunnyvale, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Los Altos, and San Jose.


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