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Our body is like a water balloon

It is relatively common that people view our skeletal system as the thing that gives us structure and support. If this were the case then science and engineering tell us we would snap in half every time you would bend down to touch your toes like a stick. In reality...

we are more like a water balloon.

Everyone knows that the human person is mostly made up of water but what they don't know is how much that water actually fills us to expansion and gives us structure. Even in our bones there are tiny canal systems filled with fluid that are meant to work as shock absorbers and help provide support. But our organs, blood vessels, even our brain is surrounded and filled with fluid to help provide much needed protection.

You can probably guess why staying hydrated is so important now...

This is an incredibly multifaceted system that is providing complex support to intricate movements for an organism that far surpasses any known technologies we have in existence today. There is however one fatal flaw to this system and we will talk more about this in a later blogpost.

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