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"I can live with it" Issues

Ever blamed an issue on "just getting old"? You'll appreciate this...


"Jackie, 42, a mother of two children ages 4 and 6, worked as an attorney. She had a caring husband and a successful career she had worked very hard to create herself. She had paid her own way through college and throughout life, as she had come from a modest background.

"Jackie had always had an incredible memory and could always count on her brain. However, over the past few years she noticed


she couldn't remember phone numbers

long enough to put them in her iPhone


and was unable to keep up with her work and family responsibilities.

"She knew she was no longer dependable at work, which really bothered her, but that was nothing compared to the guilt and frustration she felt because

she wasn't able to be the mother she wanted to be.

"She suffered from bouts of depression and although she was never a fan of medications, her depression had gotten so bad she began taking antidepressants. The medications worked initially, but she stopped taking them when she did not notice any effect from them after a couple of months. Jackie also started to gain weight and have headaches as well as various aches and pains throughout her body.

"Jackie had always been the kind of person who could read an entire book in one sitting and remember everything she read. Now she could no longer focus and she found herself fatiguing after reading just a few pages. Jackie started to worry and went to see her doctor. . . "

"He told her she was overweight and needed to eat better and exercise, but he did not give her any specifics. When Jackie explained her symptoms of declining memory and poor brain function symptoms, he laughed and told her she was just getting older and not to worry about it.

"Jackie left her doctor's appointment feeling embarrassed and ashamed."

Jackie made her way to a Functional Neurologist and "within three months she said,


'I am finally back.'


Jackie's story is like so many others'. All her symptoms were blamed on aging while both the conventional and alternative medicine models completely overlooked her brain.

"Most people who have brain impairment and even early brain degeneration suffer from



and lack of motivation,

and they eventually lose some sense of self."

Most people resign their I can live with it issues to just getting older and don't realize brain degeneration is not inevitable.

If Jackie and so many others can have their path be altered by Functional Neurology, why can't you?


Why Isn't My Brain Working

Dr. Datis Kharrazian DHSc, DC, MS

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