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"Janet was always cold"

Find yourself layering up in July? Always having your car heater turned on? Your significant other always complaining about how hot the house is? This will hit home for you...


"Janet was always freezing, especially her hands and feet. She always wore thick, woolly socks, even on warm days, and never left the house without a pair of warm gloves in her purse.

"She chalked it up to her hypothyroid condition for which she was being treated by her doctor. But when she started using herbs that have been shown to be effective in promoting blood flow to the brain, not only did she enjoy more alertness and a sharper intellect and memory, but her hands and feet became much warmer."


You may be thinking feeling cold is something I can live with,

but poor blood circulation has too many consequences to it:

cell death,



chronic regional pain syndrome,

erectile dysfunction,

and worst of all, brain degeneration...

that's just to name a few.

Who knew Functional Neurology could help with issues like this?

I prefer to go for the summer dress in July, not the jeans and sweatshirt.

Brain health = body health


Why Isn't My Brain Working

Dr. Datis Kharrazian DHSc, DC, MS

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