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Healthier Holiday Sweet Treats

"We are what we eat." This undeniable truth unfortunately does not go on vacation when we do...

Partaking in the decadence of Christmas, whether that be decorating the tree, going to Holiday parties, or perhaps binging on all the peppermint bark that comes our way... (tell me I'm not alone in this)... is part of what makes this season special.

However, we have become more and more aware of the direct effect that what we consume has on how we function. The post Christmas hangover can be brutal...

So, here are some ideas for recipes that are deeeelicious, sure to wow your guests but that also have more intentional choices when it comes to ingredients so you can feel less guilty licking your plate...

*All recipes are gluten free, most are dairy free, all have healthier alternatives for sugar like honey, coconut sugar, and agave...*


Chocolate Caramel Nut Clusters

For those like me who think nuts are better with chocolate by their side, you'll love this one.


Almond Joy Cookies

If you like to keep recipes yummy but SIMPLE, this is a great one for you!


Spiced Hot Fruit Cake

Decadent new take on fruit cake. Take my advice and make a little extra to put on waffles for the morning after ;)


Coconut Snowballs

Petite bites that remind me of my nana's Italian wedding cookies minus the gluten and pound of sugar...


Superfood Chocolate Bark

This recipe not only flaunts a unique take on chocolate bark, but it also looks very Christmasy which will be sure to catch your guest's eye...


Dark Chocolate Coconut Fudge

I saved the best for last. I was inspired by a friend who brought over some homemade fudge recently. This mouthwatering treat will be sure to join your favorites list...

Whatever you choose to make, I hope your Christmas is rich with quality time with family and friends and unforgettable memories... Merry Christmas!

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