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How to Modify the Ketogenic Diet to Your Lifestyle

We laid out the pros and cons to the ketogenic diet here. If you've decided that you'd like to try out the ketogenic diet but don't want to dramatically change your lifestyle, here are the essentials to getting the benefits of ketosis without sacrificing your life!

Like many ketosis experts advocate, it is healthy to practice this type of diet with intermittent fasting (see below for links to give you more info). Think of intermittent fasting as training wheels to help you reach ketosis and fat burning much smoother.

The benefits of intermittent fasting are fantastic in and of themselves but we advocate for "fasting" 16 hours of the day and allow yourself an eating time of about 8 hours per day. (Most people stop eating at around 8pm at night and resume eating at 12pm the following day for maximum results. If you're a night eater like my wife, your fasting may not begin til much later... Figure out what works best for you).

What we mean by "fasting"...

#1: We incorporate bulletproof practices in our fasting style. Feel free to google Dave Asprey or his company Bulletproof Diet to find out more, but the gist is that we put some goodies in our morning coffee or tea to help sustain our energy levels throughout the day until we can end our fast. We usually put grassfed butter and coconut oil (or MCT oil) and sometimes cinnamon and vanilla to make it more delicious! Sipping this through your fast gives you solid energy during the fasting portion of your day.

#2: For many, getting even more ketosis support can guarantee that you enter this powerful fat burning state. There are several companies that are now offering what are called therapeutic ketones. These raise the level of ketones in your blood until this becomes your bodies preferred fuel. The companies that we recommend are:

Perfect Keto (cheapest one on the market. DISCLAIMER--I have not sampled this one yet)

Pruvit--Keto OS (more expensive but gets results)

Both companies have good websites that give you a lot of information about ketosis and they designed their supplements to be put into your morning beverage.

To speak the truth, these supplements are front runners in an emerging science--meaning, they show evidence that they are doing what science is starting to validate but there are not years of research about these products and their long term effects. I would recommend them as a good start to a change of lifestyle and a head start in losing weight.

Here are some other great articles about intermittent fasting.

Concerns for Women and Fasting (warning--heavy on the research)

This is a good starting ground. Let us know how we can help you in this amazing process...

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