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9 Signs You're Vitamin E Deficient

Vitamin E is like the bouncer to stress chemicals in your body. For your brain, that's important because there are so many toxic chemicals that need to be kicked out of the party.

In addition to that, it also supports healthy insulin, healthy triglyceride levels, blood sugar balance, pancreatic function, eyesight and heart health. A jack of all trades. So much can go right by making sure your Vitamin E intake is up to par. 

Here are some symptoms showing you may need more Vitamin E

  • feeling stressed

  • fatigued

  • increased food reactions

  • mild anemia

  • disorders related to reproduction and infertility

  • cataracts

  • age spots

  • neurological damage 

  • decrease in sex drive

Where can you get Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is not as easy to get from foods anymore so supplements may be helpful. Ask us which we'd recommend. As far as the foods that do contain Vitamin E, they include:

  • broccoli

  • almonds

  • raw seeds (1/4 cup of sunflower seeds will get you roughly 90.5% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin E)

  • spinach

  • avocado

  • kiwi

  • swiss chard

  • wheat germ oil (one tablespoon will give you about 100% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin E)

  • mustard greens

  • olive oil

  • parsley

  • olives (a cup of olives will get you roughly 20% of your daily recommended amount of Vitamin E)

Take a look at the graphic below from Dr. Robert Melillo to get a closer look:


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